4,444 generative hellions
corrupting to the Tezos blockchain

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Summoning Sigil
Summoning Sigil
Summoning Sigil

14 xtz each

Up to 3 per mint, unlimited per wallet.

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First reveal on 12/21/22

Sigils of Suffering

Summoning Sigil

Since the creation of time the demonic god-like entities known as the Seven Who Feed have lurked in an alternate, demon-infested dimension - the Abyssal Void. The prophecy of The Doom states that when the Seven Who Feed are all summoned to our world the Earth shall burn & the arrival of The Doom shall be welcomed.

The Order of the Dark Wheel, a cult seeking to summon the Seven, has always been held at bay by the Witchez, defenders of the Earth.

But after a decisive strike by the Order, the portals between our worlds have been opened and the Dark Wheel Demonz can now wage a final war against humanity. Offer suitable sacrifice and you shall be granted the Sigils of Suffering - runes that will spawn a demon for you to wage war against the Witchez and bring about the end of the world.

What are Dark Wheel Demonz?

Demonz are a collection of programmatically, randomly generated hand-drawn hellions corrupting the Tezos blockchain. Each one is a unique FA2 token and composed of a combination of traits at varying levels of rarity with billions of possible outcomes. Amongst the generated Demonz are 6 ultra-unique 1/1 Demonz. There is a slim chance of any standard Demon upgrading to a surprise super-rare secret Demon variant.

Demonz are the second drop in The Cult & The Coven - a PFP NFT trading card game - a collaboration between The Order of the Dark Wheel and Devil's Delegate.




SOUL is the life-force of the Demonz. It is used for Demonz holders to interact with the Cult & the Coven game and offers real world utility within the Demonz community.

Once activated, each Demon earns 50x SOUL per day. The Demonz Manager launching on the first reveal day will allow holders to activate their Demonz and start farming SOUL.

Additional SOUL will be purchasable from the SOUL pool - but all Demon holders will earn free SOUL at a rate to reasonably play the game.


I.  A nemesis appears


The Summoning

On November 11, 2021, minting began for Witchez, the gameplay enemy of the Dark Wheel Demonz.

Witchez minting is ongoing, with newly minted Witchez revealing every full moon. Mint at to join the Coven in fighting against Demonz.

II.  The Witchez Manager


The Witchez manager launched January 5th, 2022. With the Witchez manager holders can name Witchez, activate them to farm MANA, and craft & equip items to ready them for battle.

The Witchez manager laid the foundation for features that will be available to Demonz immediately upon launch - including farming SOUL and naming Demonz.

Witchez Manager

III.  The Sacrifice

October 10th-13th, 2022

Dark Wheel Demonz

A life taken is a life spawned as Witchez holders are invited to cast their enchantresses to the flames of sacrifice.

On October 10-12, 2022 - for every Witch offered as sacrifice, players will receive a Demonz summon sigil when pre-sale minting opens.

On October 13, 2022 only - sacrificed Witchez can be rescued to players' wallets for 15 xtz each. Witchez that are not rescued will be cast to hell.

IV.  Darkness Emerges

Beginning December 15, 2022

December 15, 2022 - Demonz pre-sale minting begins for all wallets holding revealed Witchez.

Mint Witchez at to qualify for the pre-sale.

December 16, 2022 - during the moon's third quarter, Demonz public minting begins.

December 21, 2022 - The first Demonz are revealed. Newly minted Demonz will reveal monthly each new moon until all Demonz are minted.

Dark Wheel Demonz

V.  Rarity Gallery

November 1, 2022

Witchez Rarity Gallery

The Demonz rarity gallery will open the day after the first reveal. The gallery displays rank & custom name, and sorts Demonz by rank or token ID and filters by attributes, unnamed status, and availability for purchase.

VI.  The Cult & The Coven


The Storm

It’s all out war! Holders of both Dark Wheel Demonz and Witchez can pit them against each other in combat. Post-battle, if the Demon is successful, Components will drop that can be used to increase the power of your Demonz through maleficent forces.

VII.  The Endgame


Once one of the factions manages to summon all seven of their faction gods, the fate of the world will be decided! The winning faction will be airdropped prizes and will have bragging rights as winners of the game.

If the Witchez summon the Primal Gods, Lilith will be freed, the portals will be closed, and the Earth will be saved.

If the Demonz summon the Seven Who Feed, the prophecy of The Doom shall be fulfilled and the end times will arrive.

The Endgame


How do we trust Demonz are distributed fairly?

The Demonz sale smart contract contains the IPFS Content ID of a document that maps each Demonz ID to the artwork’s own IPFS Content ID. So every Demon can be verified to be genuine and to have existed before the sale. The harbinger price oracle will randomize the sale’s starting point by determining the ID of the first Demonz token minted.

What happens during the sale?

Tezos wallets can mint up to 3 Demonz at a time at 13 XTZ each. Once you mint a Demon, the token will be visible in your wallet and in your collection. You will only see the summoning sigil until reveal. At each reveal milestone, the summoning sigils will activate to reveal each unique Demonz token.

How many Demonz can I mint?

During the pre-sale, greenlit addresses may mint up to 3 Demonz total. During the public sale each wallet may mint up to 3 Demonz at a time and may mint as many Demonz total as they wish.

How do I trade Demonz?

Demonz FA2 tokens can be traded on where you can also browse the whole collection.

How do I know the rarity of my Demonz?

After the first reveal, will be updated with a gallery including tools for browsing, searching, & ranking Demonz.

What rights do I have to my Demonz artwork?

Holders of any Demonz NFTs are granted all personal, non-commercial reproductive rights (ie. you can print a copy, make a t-shirt, print a body pillow, etc.), as well as resale rights of the original NFT.

Holding grants all commercial reproduction rights for physical goods (meaning you can make and sell t-shirts, posters, etc.) up to 100 pieces per medium (medium: t-shirt, poster, mug, etc), per Demon, as long as you hold the Demon.

Derivative digital works/NFTs commercial rights are granted as long as a holder a) links to their original Demon NFT in the description, and b) uses the text “Derivative of Demon xxxx” in the description, where “xxxx” is the number of the Demon used as the parent asset of the derivative. All copyright and other rights are reserved and not granted.